re-potting ourselves

Just as a successful seedling begins to outgrow its initial pot so is Bombadil ready for a little repotting of its own. We’ve been so lucky to find a beautiful home at Mimosa Goods for the past few months giving us some time to put down our roots. And while we’ve been so busy working on the roots we've come to realize that its time to find ourselves a new pot! Now we know repotting can be a shock and requires great care, but we are excited to expand our borders and move into our next phase! 

I wanted to take a minute to give thanks to you, our community, for the incredible support of Bombadil this year. This is our first year as an in store and online shop. I jumped into the world of retail with no real e-comm experience and I can say that this year really challenged me in so many ways, but you have been there every step of the way, visiting, shopping, “hearting,” leaving us heart-warming reviews and comments, sharing on social and cheering us on along the way. We are so grateful. I am so grateful.

I have learned so, SO much over this last year and I can't wait to invite you all to our new home! Big hugs to all and I hope you had happy and healthy holidays.

xx Leslie

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