Bare-Root Peonies

There are still a few weeks to get bare-root peonies all settled in for their winter sleep!  It's best to plant herbaceous peonies in fall, when they are dormant.  A bare-root peony division is a section of rooted crown with several dark red growth buds called eyes. Each bud gives rise to a stem in the spring.

Peonies explode into bloom for a week or two in early Summer, and then serve as a full bushy green accent plant in the garden. While easy to grow, they do require patience, sometimes taking two or even three years to bloom. They grow stronger and more prolific with every passing year, and live up to 100 years.

We have a stunning collection just unearthed from the family farm.  All divided and ready to bring your future garden to life with beautiful fragrant blooms in the years to come!