Philodendron 'Pink Princess'

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This is houseplant royalty! Philodendron 'Pink Princess' is highly sought after for its unique coloration. Dark green to nearly black leaves are swathed with varying amounts of pink variegation. Variegation comes and goes, and each leaf is completely unique. Despite its dainty appearance this is a hardy and easy to care for houseplant that that will bring a colorfully tropical feel to your household.


 Light: Bright, indirect light
• Water: Water when the top 1-2" of soil feel dry
• Considerations: Use a well-draining, chunky soil mix to promote air circulation to roots. Without adequate light and support for climbing, new leaves will become quite small



You'll get a healthy Philodendron 'Pink Princess' that meets our rigorous quality standards in a 6" nursery pot. No two plants are alike, and yours will have its own unique shape, size and personality; expect this natural variation from the photos.