Philodendron Hastatum 'Silver Sword'

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The Philodendron Hastatum is a gorgeous plant that gets its nickname Silver Sword from its amazing silvery-blue, almost mirror-like foliage. As the plant grows and matures, the leaves become more arrow-shaped and can reach one meter in legnth.

This vining Philodendron Hastatum has a thick stem structure and has a climbing growth habit, so if you desire your friend to grow in an attractive formation, get a coco pole, a trellis, or a moss poll so it can reach its full potential. If you fail to do so, your philodendron can grow straggly and drooping and certainly not graceful.


• Light:  Bright, indirect light.
• Water: Through Spring and Summer the soil should be kept moist, but during winter the soil should be allowed to dry out between waterings. Make sure the top inch of soil is dry before you water the Silver Sword.
• Considerations:  Planting in a fast draining potting mix ideally with bark, perlite and activated charcoal.  Average humidity is fine, however the higher the humidity the more lush the plant will be.


You'll get a healthy Philodendron 'Hastatum' that meets our rigorous quality standards in a 3" nursery pot. No two plants are alike, and yours will have its own unique shape, size and personality; expect this natural variation from the photos.